Thursday, August 07, 2008

Collisions of the Real: Fantastic Quotidian

Another photo series chronicling the fantasy's invasion into our lives has been caught in the internets.

Via the always entertaining Kung Fu Rodeo, comes artist Steve Schofield's oddly touching photos of superfans in domestic settings.

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Half upsetting, half inspiring, these photos are reminiscent of Cedric Delsaux's photography and fall into the same category of work that I recently posted about:
there is some kind of need out there to invest in magic and make believe having a place in our physical world.

Is the real world that awful? Probably, yes.

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  1. The Geico Caveman ads might have been a little ahead of the trend on this one. Coke's Happiness Factory and the Sony Bravia web vids also walk the fantasy/ reality line. Lots of brands trying to capitalize on this magical mix now.


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