Thursday, May 20, 2010

How To Beat The Lakers... Train a Dragon!

It's hard, but I try to keep basketball references to a minimum here. However painful the truth is, I understand that most people don't share the same affection for the painful minutiae of the Toronto Raptors franchise or Manu Ginobili's latest heroics.

This analogy though, I couldn't resist. It came to be like a (tiny) bolt of lighting. If you think of the Los Angeles Lakers as the NBA's dominant, invulnerable dragons, then the Phoenix Suns just might be the workmanlike dragon slaying vikings! Steve Nash is Hiccup... and Kobe Bryant (The Black Mamba) just might be his Night Fury!

Confused? Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon? Well, if you haven't, trust me. The basic underdog plot transposes nearly perfectly to the Western Conference Finals between the Lakers and Suns.

My apologies.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Ambling Kid

Check out this little hybrid ditty I edited together:

Not unlike my last attempt at a movie/song mash-up, except this one is a bit more literal. "Ambling Alp" really has that inspirational thing going for it. And what movie is more inspirational than The Karate Kid ?

Hope I don't offend any Joe "Bean" Esposito fans. You guys are the best.